8th Annual

Hot San Jose Nights©
Airport Day & S.T.E.A.M. !

Saturday, July 9, 2016  10am - 4pm at Reid-Hillview Airport, 2500 Cunningham Avenue, San Jose, CA 95148

. Chris Wilder
Supported by:

  the VMC Foundation CEO, Chris Wilder

  Dave Cortese, President of Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors .        

Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor District 2
 Dave Cortese

Cindy Chavez

Susan & Mike Hennessy


2010 HSJN

Keep checking back and scrolling down as more slideshows are still being added!

Many more photos are available on our Hot San Jose Nights (Local Business) Facebook page!  Check it out and see if you are there!  We invite you to add pictures and tag youself and add descriptions to your car!
The Willow Glen Lions Pancake Breakfast

The All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast is always a big hit with the crowd, and even more fun was added when they tried to break the record for the Tallest Stack of Pancakes!  They may have fallen short for the record, but there was no shortage of pancakes or fun in making the attempt!  Everyone had fun getting into the act and taking turns flipping pancakes!

Show-n-Shine July 9 - 11, 2010

(Photos courtesy of Ron White, Ed Honesto, Bob Korns, & Rich Sieve)

Hundreds of cars were on display at The Santa Clara Fairgrounds for Hot San Jose Nights Show-n-Shine 2010!  Here are just a few to enjoy!

2010 Autorama July 9 - 11, 2010

(Photos courtesy of Ed Honesto, Rich Sieve and Bob Korns)

This is just a small sampling of all of the cars, trucks, bikes, and off road vehicles that were found in the Autorama at Hot San Jose Nights 2010. 

2010 Cruisin' to the Capitol 6 Drive-In (downtown) July 9, 2010

(Photos courtesy of Ed Honesto)

We went the long way,through downtown San Jose, Past the Fairmont Hotel and around Cesar Chavez Park but nobody seemed to mind!

The Cruising Cars Arrive at the Capitol 6 Drive-In  July 9, 2010

(Photos courtesy of Ron White)

Just a sampling of some of the cars as they drove in.  Watching the cars arrive one by one was almost an event in itself!

HSJN Cars Parked at the Capitol 6 Drive-In July 9, 2010

(Photos courtesy of Ron White, Bob Korns, and Rich Sieve)

There was such a wide assortment of cars to be seen!  Something for everybody was there.

Fun at the Capitol 6 Drive-In

(Photos courtesy of Ron White, Bob Korns, and Rich Sieve.)

We had lots of fun at the Drive-In! The Hot Rods Band played some great music, Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres joined the Hot Rods Band on stage for a few fun songs, people were dancing, Candy Clark was signing autographs, and when it grew dark American Graffiti played on the screen.  This was all made possible by the great folks at the Capitol 6 Drive-In, the HSJN Volunteers, and you!

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