8th Annual

Hot San Jose Nights©
Airport Day & S.T.E.A.M. !

Saturday, July 9, 2016  10am - 4pm at Reid-Hillview Airport, 2500 Cunningham Avenue, San Jose, CA 95148

. Chris Wilder
Supported by:

  the VMC Foundation CEO, Chris Wilder

  Dave Cortese, President of Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors .        

Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor District 2
 Dave Cortese

Cindy Chavez

Susan & Mike Hennessy




It sounds like any ordinary, albeit busy “regular” job, but Rich really has a passion for helping others that is put to excellent use in this capacity. As you may know, The Flea Market has something fun and interesting going on all of the time and it has become a great venue for family oriented events. What you may not know is that Rich has been instrumental in helping the Bumb family, owners of the 56 year old iconic Berryessa Flea Market, reach out and support our community and charitable organizations in a whole host of ways that may not be completely obvious on the surface. Through the Bumb family's generosity, and Rich's expertise and devotion to giving back to the community, here are just a few things that have been accomplished. 

-      With tremendous support from, and collaboration with The Healthtrust, Rich has created a national model of what a true Community Health Fair can be. The Open Air Health Fair has provided free health related tests and services to thousands of underserved people in our community for the past 15 years. This event has no doubt saved lives.

-   With the support of the Bumb Family, and many generous sponsors, Rich organized and hosted a Charity Golf Tournament, with the proceeds benefiting The Natalie Fund for Childhood Brain Disease Research. This tournament raised more than $250,000 for the Natalie Fund, and this money has been used to fund promising clinical research. In addition, The Flea Market also served as the Title Sponsor for the Natalie Fund’s own golf tournament, every year the tournament was conducted.

-   Rich was instrumental in helping the local Blvd BombS car club by providing guidance and support, and by providing a venue for the club to host their annual fundraising car show. These shows have helped the Blvd Bombs increase the size of donations that they are able to make to local non-profits, the hungry and our local homeless in need. 

-     The San Jose Police Activities League has received donations which help put on programs such as Just For Youth and the Silicon Valley Youth Classic - Charlie Wedemeyer All Star Football Game. 

Just last summer, the Flea Market’s first San Jose Chili Cookoff was set up with the proceeds benefiting the Weingarten Children's Center (WCC), and the deaf and hearing impaired children WCC supports every day. The event netted several thousand dollars for the WCC.

-      Through some consistent generous donations to the San Jose Children's Musical Theater, they have been able to increase their scholarship potential. The Flea Market is the longest standing sponsor of the Musical Theater.

-      Milpitas Unified School District and the Milpitas Kiwanis Club Foundation's Turn-Around Scholarship program received funds to help provide scholarships for deserving students. 

-      The Stroke Awareness Foundation receives annual donations from the Flea Market and Bay 101 in support of their fundraising efforts for their “Fight Stroke Walk, and Centennial Gala. 

In short, and to over simplify what he does, Rich Alvari works to promote Bay 101 and the San Jose Flea Market, while organizing and hosting many family-friendly events.  And while these events are a lot of fun, many of them are actually hard at work helping many local charities and non-profit organizations, so they in turn can provide for their special causes in our community.

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